The weird stuff that happens when I try to relax, and Yeah! A free track for ya!

8 Dec

It took me about three years to write, record and release Ghost Songs. Trying to manage my time between working 9-5 , playing in bands, and general life stuff didn’t leave much spare time for long, focused creative stretches.

So finally, the day after the launch at Loop Bar in September, I woke up around midday, jammed a few kilos of chocolate into my mouth and sank into the couch exhausted.  Serious coffee couldn’t coerce any of my last six neurons to work. I decided to bum around for a few days, relax, and try to re-start my head. After about 20 minutes of catatonically staring into my navel, my buddy Estelle rang to tell me that she had heard my name mentioned  on  the radio and that I had won something. After a bit of scrounging around on the internet, I discovered that I had won a major band prize for subscribing in the Triple R radiothon. The prize was an Implant media voucher that would cover the printing of my next CD. The voucher is valid for a year. Which meant I had to start on a new album pretty much right away. I got off the phone, dragged my flabby bum back into the studio and started writing some new tunes. Looking back, I realised I had about  20 minutes break between finishing the last album and starting the next one. Thanks Triple R, now I won’t have time to start my David Hasselhoff tribute band.

So yep, there is a new Spacecadet Lullabies album on the way and most likely due September /October 2011. I’m really excited about how it is sounding and it is very different from Ghost Songs. More info and sneak peaks coming soon.

Plus, a new project is on the boil. I’m currently writing music for a contemporary dance performance  with sisters Eliza and Abbey Mitchell. More info in the coming weeks!

Check out Eliza’s breaking. I’m really excited about this and no, fortunately for the world, I won’t be busting out any of my bodgy dance moves.

Here is a free download. It is another live recording from the Ghost songs Launch. It is a mix up improvisation of three of the tracks from Ghost Songs. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, and there’s a Spacecadet Lullabies gig coming up soon too……….

Chilling and Raging with a special guest.

7 Nov

It’s been a great week for Spacecadet Lullabies.

A Special Guest………..

Check out the new live footage of special guest Dyl Thomas, free-styling on my track Green Drop at the Ghost songs launch. Dyl Thomas is an one half of the band Polo Club and is easily my favourite Australian MC.


It’s pretty funny and weird pretending to grow up.
I remember being a kid and watching Rage on ABC TV. My brother and I would sit transfixed by our favourite video clips. When there was a clip on that we didn’t like, we would fill the time by bashing each other for 3 minutes until the next song came on and then we’d decide whether to continue killing each other or if a truce was in order because a good video was on. We would repeat this weekly ritual, as the count down to the number one song of the week took place. The result either brought furious outbursts of disbelief or fists pumping into the air in victory as our favourite band would ascend to Number One pop glory.

Early last Saturday morning, the clip for Tali Meets Mr Ricketts aired for the first time on Rage. I’m pretty excited and grateful. Thanks heaps to the Rage crew and to K+K+P who made the clip. I wonder if my brother and I were watching this clip 20 years ago, if he’d have me in a headlock…….


SBS has a new digital radio station called SBS Chill playing cool down-tempo electronica. Big thanks to Trevor for playing sone of my tracks this month. You can listen to the station right here, and if you’re not chilled and blissing out within 5 minutes, I’ll be really really angry at you.

Music for Burning Man photo essay on Art Nation

25 Oct

Hello Buddies!

This photo essay about the Burning Man Festival by Charmaine Robbins aired on ABC’s Art Nation last Sunday, and it features my track, Dalat. Check it out!

Video from the launch!

7 Oct

Hey all,

Here are some video highlights from the launch.

The night turned out great. I was really lucky to have an amazing crew involved and thanks to everyone who came!

The first tune on the video is a new ditty called The Bear Is Your Friend, and features Tali Gal-on playing guitar. It’s kind of a postcard soundtrack to the time Tali came face to face with a black bear in Yosemite National Park. Tali designed the Ghost Songs CD cover,  and also happens to be my very much better half.

The second tune on the video is Chinderah. It features the phenomenal Nick O’Byrne on Vibraphone. Nick also appears on a couple of tracks on the album. If you like the track, you can download this live version in the blog post below.

The visuals were improvised live by the lovely Eugenia Lim. Thanks Eugenia!

More videos coming soon.

Live recording of Chinderah from Ghost Songs album launch

29 Sep

New album from Spacecadet Lullabies

Big thanks to everyone who came down to the Ghost Songs album launch at Loop Bar. We had a great night.

Here is a live recording of Chinderah from the Spacecadet Lullabies album launch. It features the incredible Nick O’Byrne on vibraphone and is yours to download for free. Enjoy!

There will be some video footage and extra bits and bobs appearing on this site over the next few weeks. Stay tuned…..

Ghost songs is now available on iTunes. but for people who like physical copies, you can buy them from this site.



Tali Meets Mr Ricketts Video

31 Aug

Hey all!
Here is the new clip for “Tali Meets Mr Ricketts”

Big thanks to Chris and Maia from Kick Kick Punch for making it all happen with their spirit fingers.

Ghost songs is now available for pre-sale for cosmonauts who love the sweet smell of digipacks. Otherwise, the album will be available to download on itunes on the 6th of September.

Jellyfish, Video clips and the Blue Steel Extras

1 Aug

Just over a year ago, I met Melbourne filmmaker Chris Pahlow ( K+K+P ) on the closing night of the Melbourne International Animation Festival. After few meetings over the course of the year, Chris and Maia Tarrell were kind enough to offer to make me a video clip for a track off the new album. The tune is called “Tali Meets Mr Ricketts”.

The clip was shot on the 25th of July. It was an eighteen hour shoot.  Thanks to Jemma Clark from the Helen Gory Galerie, the K+K+P crew and some great buddies of mine ( aka The Blue Steel Extras ).

Stay tuned, you’ll be able to see the clip early September.

Big thanks to Ryan Humphreys for the photos from the shoot.

Nick O'Byrne. The most handsome man in ye olde Melbourne town.

Don Bartley, Thai Donuts and Tape….Glorious Tape.

13 Jun

Last weekend I flew up to Sydney to have my CD, Ghost Songs, Mastered by Don Bartley ( The Yoda of Mastering ). Don has worked with some amazing artists over the last 30 years including David Bowie, Sigur Ros, Inxs, Midnight Oil and countless other legends.
The mastering session was definitely one of the best musical and emotional experiences of my bizarre little life. Don did an incredible job. Not only did he understand what I was trying to say, he helped me say “it” so much better through his approach to the mastering process. He also is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

Here’s a little photo/film journal of the mastering experience.

10:00 am – I meet my buddy Dave and his daughter at Chat Thai in the city on Campbell st. On Dave’s recommendation, I stock up on two massive bags of Thai donuts and head over to 301- Benchmark Mastering. The donuts are out of control. Thanks for tip Dave.

10:35 am – Typically over caffeinated, steaming donuts in hand and 5 minutes late, I fumble my way into the studio’s foyer. I meet Don and nervously blurt out “I brought the donuts Don, sorry I’m late!” Don grins and immediately I like him. We get to work straight away.

10:40 am – I start jamming donuts into my face. We talk about the music and have a listen to some of the Ghost Song tracks.

10:50 am – Don suggests that the CD would sound great if it was run through tape. Running the recording through tape can only mean one thing- Analogue Brownness Baby!
I became really excited because I wasn’t expecting this suggestion. Stuttering and stammering I managed, “C-COOL! Y-Y-YEAH, L-LET’S DO IT”

So Don started working his magic…

Here is some footage of the studio with the tunes tracking to tape.

17:00 pm – My stomach is bulging full of donuts and my ears are on a new spiritual plane. In my hands is the Ghost Songs Master. I couldn’t be happier.

This is Don. Thanks Buddy. I am eternally grateful.
Now it’s time to print up the CD!
More soon. Stay tuned…

Jesus Mixed My Hotrod

5 May

Ghost Songs is mixed. Thank Christ, or should I say… thank King Charlie. By looking at the above photo, and hearing the mix, I’ll let you all decide who mixed the CD. Divine intervention? or one of the most magnificent ears and proponents of dub in Australia?
Damian Charles AKA King Charlie is the brains behind the Australian dub band, The Red Eyes. I was lucky to schnavel the Wolverine/Evil dub genius at the end of his psychotic mixing schedule of the new Red Eyes album. The final mix of Ghost Songs is beautiful, and I am really excited, because he immediately understood what I was saying and brought his unique sensitivity and creativity to the mix.
Thanks Damo.
Ghost songs is getting close the release. Thanks everyone for the support.

Green Drop, Davarj and Flying Pigs.

25 Feb

It’s 1997 and I am 20 years old. It’s Friday night and I’m at the Gollan Hotel in Lismore. The scent of lavender, beer, sweat, cigarettes and unwashed uni-students is suffocating. The onset of another claustrophobia attack is close and I can feel the hairs rise on the back of my neck. My heart is starting to race as the walls start to bow in on me. The Gollan is packed, and I can hardly breathe. The sweaty steam of 250 people has condensed on the ceiling, and is now dripping on us in time with the chest compressing, pounding, bass guitars roaring from the stage.

The stage in the Gollan is tiny. A drum kit is jammed between two, seven-foot tall bass amps. But somehow, tonight, the stage feels massive. Marrow penetrating bass-frequencies wobble through us, and I can barely stand. On stage, one of the bass players, a lanky, tattooed guy, is pounding out the most incredible rhythms. My head is spinning and I am losing my breath as I battle though the claustrophobia attack. I can’t leave, because I’ve never heard bass playing like this. His timing has a raw, primal, tribal, feeling. I wish I could play with this guy. I want to experience what it’s like to play with that animalistic sound. But I’m guessing the day I play with him, pigs might fly too.

The band is that is playing is called Preshrunk, and the bass-playing beast, driving the steam-roller groove is known as Davarj.

Preshrunk were an Australian band that had two bass guitarists and a drummer. They toured relentlessly throughout Australia and internationally and released a few Eps and some albums. They had a significant cult following and finished up in 2004.

It’s a Saturday, early 2005. Tali and I are hanging out on St Kilda pier. Our friend John calls and says that Davarj is looking for a guitarist for a gig on Sunday and do I want to do the gig? I’m trying to remain cool, but I end up screaming psychotically down the phone, professing my love to John for helping to launch those flying pigs into orbit. It’s been eight years since I heard Davarj play, and now I get to do a gig with him. I couldn’t believe my luck.

It’s 4pm the next Sunday. I unload the car. My amp weighs almost 40 kilos. Stumbling under its weight, I enter a lifeless, tacky corporate bar, somewhere in South Melbourne. There are a few bored patrons waiting for the band to start. I’m nervous. I’m about to play with one of my heroes. Davarj is really welcoming and cool, but some of the other guys aren’t as nice. They have a look in their eyes that says, “Who is this guitar playing chump? This guy’s a no-one! Never heard him, never seen him. And what’s with those chunky legs?”

Time to play. We start. The band plays some of the worst music I have ever heard. Harsh looks and stares are flicked and shot between members of the band. I’ve walked into a group that needed some serious counselling. Davarj is different. He is magnificently avoiding the onstage tension. Like a seasoned pro, he gracefully grins and bears the painful music.

We finish the gig, I pack up quickly and my celestial pigs have crash-landed to earth. They are bruised and bleeding. The guys in the band have split into two groups and are bitching about each other. I decide to get out of there quick before they start tearing each other’s arms off. I slip quietly back to my car, hoping to make a clean getaway. Davarj catches up to me and says,

“Lewi, I’m really sorry about what just happened back there. The band is about to break up and the drummer and I are starting a new band and we were wondering if you want to be in it. It’s nothing too serious. It’s a house jam band for the Lounge, Revolver and some other things.”

And this is how I ended up in a band with Davarj.

We played twice a week around Melbourne for about 3 years between 2005 and 2008. Most of the time it was Wednesdays and Sundays at The Lounge on Swanston St. Occasionally it was at Revolver or at a few festivals. It was some of the best fun times I’ve had in a band and I learnt a lot. I did get to experience playing with the ferocious groove Davarj creates. It was amazing. He became a friend, a mentor of groove, and guaranteed party buddy.

The song “Green Drop” is dedicated to him. It features the incredible double bass player Tamara Murphy. The song was featured on a Triple J unearthed podcast and will be on my upcoming release, Ghost Songs.

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